window from PJphotography on Vimeo.

A behind the scenes video by a window in the studio.

Secret Garden from Artofdan Photography on Vimeo.

thx… Dominika C.

we create the movie between our photosession inside a greenhouse in east switzerland

Alice from Nathen Atia on Vimeo.

A little video shot during my shoot with Alice. Still needs a bit of work, but it’s only a bit of fun :)

Polina: Sugar Tease from Naked Happy Girls on Vimeo.

Polina is a Russian Model that I photographed a few years back. I was a bit confused, as I had seen some other nude photos of her, but she seemed to act as if it were all new to her. What was new to me was her laugh. So much fun! I don’t typically photograph such skinny women, but I really had no choice. And I don’t typically use lights either, but I didn’t have a choice there either. One thing’s for sure, Polina photographs beautifully. It’s partly her eyes, and the rest is just the way she moves with natural grace and beauty. Perhaps it’s the dancer in her. I’m not sure why I called this Sugar Tease, but I like both of those words. I’m thinking she’s back in Russian by now, as she was only in New York temporarily. If you see her in Moscow, tell her hi for me :) ~Andrew

Randy Michael & The Sharp Dressed Lads “The Face” uncensored official music video from Video Rahim on Vimeo.

Directed, Shot, & Edited by: Video Rahim
Produced by: Visualuxury & Echo Tree Media
Executive Producer: Ashley Simpson
Producer: Luis Velez
B-Camera Studio: John Manfredi
Makeup Artist: Charity Jillian
Special FX Makeup: Dax Exclamation Point
Smoke Effects: James Sowell and Chace Mayo

Main Characters:
Randy Michael as Detective Michael
Erica Narramore as the 15 year old runaway
Pietro DiGennaro as Sneaky Pete
Abby Holtz as Sneaky Pete’s Bottom Bitch

Guest Starring:
Mario Colangelo as Sgt. Colangelo
Brian Roberts
Adam Anzio
Joshua Longino
Joey O’Brien
Steven Griggers

Special Appearance by Cousin Dan
Dax Exclamation Point as Lady Miss Kiki
Kristen Excited
Hawthorne T. Glitter as Lazio Kirchhoff

Special thanks to Liza Davydotchkin, Jayda Abello, Angela Wolff, LaKisha Crawford, LaTonia Crawford, Shay Buckley, Amy Herschleb, Katy Keys, Shay LaVee, Rachel Rarick, Lydia Bingham, Michelle B., Jhoni Jackson, Sarah Burtch, Emily Karcher,
Mable T. Glitter, Melissa Houle, Parks Miller, Hart Onyebueke, John Campbell, Andrew Longino

Very special thanks to Francis Percarpio, Worldstorm Arts Lab, Bryan Malone, Dan Dixon, Heidi Michael, Mrs. Lillian Narramore, Star Bar, Stefan’s Vintage Clothing, Dwight Phillips, Quick Time Cinema — Green Screen Studio

Second song : “Even if it Takes Forever”